Operating Lease

An Operating Lease lets you benefit from an asset whilst the asset finance lender takes the risk of it loosing its value or becoming obsolete.

You get the full use of the asset for the set contract rental.

If you need a new piece of equipment or plant to fulfil a particular job or order, an Operating Lease could give you just the finance you need. Improve your cash flow immediately and streamline your finances by matching rental payments to your income.

You use the asset for as long as you need it. Then, at the end of the term, the finance provider keeps the asset or you can extend the agreement if you need to. An Operating Lease can have significant tax and financial advantages compared to alternatives such as Hire Purchase or a business loan.

All types of business can benefit from an Operating Lease. It’s ideal for any business that needs to use a piece of machinery, plant or equipment for a specific length of time. Special lease arrangements are also available for technology e.g. computer and telephone systems and agricultural assets.

Key Features and Benefits of an Operating Lease

  • Improved cash flow and tax efficient payments
  • Streamlining (match rentals to income)
  • Flexible term
  • The asset finance company take the risk in the resale value of the asset for you
  • Rental and return conditions fixed at the outset
  • Lower rentals (based on residual values)
  • Off balance sheet treatment (subject to auditor approval)

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